Diggers corner

Hey! It´s Digger!

Digger plays some nasty guitars in Mike Machine nowdays. Digger was the former keyboardplayer in the powermetalband Cryonic and a fully booked studiomusician and guitarrist on countless of records. Digger started of his music career in a basement, playing guitar 10 to 15 hours per day and then educated him to guitarteacher at a Swedish university. When he´s not playing with Mike Machine he also writes music for film, commercial and games.

Favorite band : Metallica, Megadeth and 80s synthmusic

Best guitar: A red Ibanez. Joe Satriani signature

Best distortionpedal: Mesa Boogie Throttle Box

Digger also likes actionheromovies, especially those with X-men character Wolverine.



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