Keep your eyes on this page to se upcoming gigs.

Upcoming gigs

We are currently planning a tour in starting i september.
We will visit a couple of cities in Sweden and after that we´ll take some random airplane to Slovakia for some gigs to celebrate an upcoming collectionalbum with a bunch of great artist.

Previous cities we have invaded.

Stockholm – Festival
Västerås – Festival
Malmö – Festival
Piteå – Festival
Luleå – Festival
Sundsvall – Rock night
Gotland – Summer rock
Boden – Heavy night fest
Gothemburg – Rock glam night
Kalix – Local festivity
Skellefteå – Christmas gig
Eskilstuna – Festival
Copenhagen – Rock night
Berlin – Blitzrock 
Barcelona – Una compa rock
Sveg – Heavy metal festival
Uppsala – Student rock night


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